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Furniture for Home Improvement – Why buy When You can Make?

Furniture for Home Improvement

Home decoration is an essential element of happy living. It reflects the happy and healthy attitude of the people living in home. It brings liveliness in addition to the beauty it lends to the living space. People spend lots of money on home decoration. The question before us: is home decoration such a costly affair? Should we spend lots of money on improving the appearance of our homes?

Experts in home improvement have something different to say. Well, undoubtedly money plays a key role in making improvements to your home. But it is not the essential component in making little improvements that bring a totally different look. It all depends on what changes you want to make to your home.

Furniture for Home

Beautify the room with wall decoration

Empty corners and vacant walls offer a pale and colorless look to your living room. Instead of keeping them like that, you could plan something for making them look lively. What is the best idea of decorating the walls? Obviously, wall decorations are a good option. How do you go about them?

Wall decoration involves selecting a suitable color to the wall that fits the appearance of the room and reflects a fine aesthetic sense. If you feel the walls are freshly painted and you don’t want to invest that much money on painting the walls again, it is a wise option. Instead of painting the wall again, you can choose simple options like hanging excellent pictures of scenery on them.

The scenic beauties of the pictures you hang on the walls not only enrich the appearance but also create a beautiful atmosphere at home. It reflects your fine taste of art. Many wall decorations come with fine wooden frames. Don’t much worry about the wooden frames – you can make them easily using the right tools.

You can carve out the edges of the frames with get the curves and shape you wish to have with the best wood router which makes your work easy. I have done it myself several times. Making a lovely wooden frame to the picture is not a rocket science either! Anyone who is interested in making small furniture items can make excellent wooden wall frames.

Furniture for Home Improvement

Corner Shelves give you more space

In addition to the wall frames and wall decorations, why don’t you consider the corner shelves that not only enrich the beauty of your room but also provide you with additional room for keeping decorative pieces on them? You can keep excellent artifacts on them or you can keep a few books on them.

Making corner shelves is easy. It doesn’t involve much labor. If you can measure the size of the length and the depth of the corner shelf you want to make, you can make one very easily. Just provide the measurements to the vendor at the wood stores where you can get well cut wooden pieces with which you can make small furniture pieces you love most.

Simple cutting, polishing the surface, making holes for fitting the pieces together are not major tasks for an amateur woodworker. Anybody can do them with a little observation. You too can make excellent pieces of furniture with a pre-designed plan.

Approach any woodworking professional if you cannot make them on your own. Or you can take his help wherever you are not confident of doing them perfectly. There is nothing wrong in asking a woodworker to complete a piece which is already half made.

Take suggestions from an experienced woodworker who loves to give many if you ask. Follow his suggestions which you can easily put them into practice when you attempt to do the next item. You can read lots of literature available on the internet. You can easily do many simple projects on woodworking.


Learn to make wood furniture. It’s fun!

In addition, you can learn many things on your own. There are lots of excellent videos demonstrating how to make simple wooden items for your domestic purpose. You can make simple items of furniture by watching the videos.

Make it a hobby to make a small and useful piece of furniture once in two months, and you can make a real difference to your home. Moreover, you can learn a new habit and develop many skills. Save money by working on your skills. Read a few reviews on furniture items and tools you need to make them. Read about the best wood router which is a versatile tool that you need most.

Plan to make your working table or your kid’s study table. Study a few designs and models before you embark on your project. It’s a great experience making things on your own. I know from my experience that you will soon fall in love with what you have made and you want to make more and more.

I have seen many young parents working on home improvement and furniture. I have trained many in using the tools and making the items they want. Once you learn, you will never give up this hobby.

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Five must have woodworking tools for home furniture

Every trade has its own set of tools and woodworking is not the exception too. Every craftsman knows to how difficult it is, to manage without that required set of tools, especially when you have a project to finish. The talent and craftsmanship of the craftsman can only be visible in his work when he has the appropriate support tools. Like any other professionals, woodworkers also need the tools that will make their working experience pleasant and effortless.

When a woodworker plans to make furniture for his own shop or to sell or for personal use, undoubtedly he will be in need of several woodworking tools. Some tools may not be in the list of must have, but there are a number of tools without which, imagining a woodworking workshop is simply impossible. Here, we will have a look on those essential tools that a wood worker must will be need of in making furniture.

Five woodworking tools

Wood router

When talking about wood working, a router is the tool that every workshop must have. To shape the edges of your work, a wood router is second to none. A router generally consists of a powerful electronic motor, a set of very sharp, but little router bits, a comfortable handle to grip while performing. To rout out an area on the surface of any hardwood, a router is excellent. Though different varieties are available, but the best wood router, for example DEWALT DWP611PK, is the one that meet all your need.

Makita RT0701CX3 router

To shape the edges of your work, a wood router is unparalleled. While heading to buy a new router few things you need to consider. Firstly, you should consider is the base, wood routers generally derive with two different base types, fixed or stationary base and a plunge base. You can use a fixed base router mounted in a router table too. From the beginning to an end, to determine the identical cut of equal depth, wood routers has no competition.

The router bits are the key parts of any router. With endless variety, they perform various jobs too, but need to be very careful while handling these little monsters or you may end up facing serious injury. While using a router, never forget to wear those safety equipments to keep yourself safe and away from injury.

Chisel set

A complete set of various chisels is another important part of any workbench.  Not only for the wood carvers, chisels are equally important for the woodworkers too, especially to clean out saw cut and joints. To perform various tasks, you may need chisels of a variety of sizes, for example, the smallest ones are best for mortises work, the  3/4″ and 1″ chisels are perfect for door hinges. Though the chisels are beveled on two sides, especially at the cutting side, but the special ones are beveled only on one side.

Set of 8 Dynagrip Chisel Set in Presentation Case

High-alloy carbon steel is the best one while choosing for the best chisels. Chromium-vanadium alloyed steel is also another good option for the chisel blade. While buying the chisels, along with the blade, equal attention to the handle of the tool is also equally important. Like the power tool, the Handtools also need power, but they take it from our hand instead of the electricity. Therefore, the handle should be comfortable enough. It’s better to select the hardwood handles for durability.

Coping saw

The importance of the saw in carpentry is needless to mention, but here, we will talk about a very special kind of saw, coping saw. A very narrow, shap, but hardened blade, stretched through a D-shaped frame is particularly used for cutting curves on the wooden furniture. For tricky external shapes to internal cutouts, the potentiality of this coping saw will simply amaze the woodworkers. Not only the edges, a coping saw can be used in the middle of a material to cut different shapes.

 coping saw

The blade of the coping saw is attached to the both ends of the frame with two pins, which are removable. Because of the thin blade, coping saw is not perfect heavy duties, like to cut thick pieces of wood, but suitable for cutting intricate and delicate shapes on the wooden platform. The blade usually contains 12-20 teeth per inch.

Block plane

When it’s about adding versatility to your workpiece, a block plane is the tool that you must have. Whether you want to smooth the working surface or make a curve or simply just smoothing the edges of your workpiece, a block plane will do your job quicker than a sander. Sanding is more time consuming, but with a planer you can do the same job smoothly and effortlessly.

It’s the blade of the plane that allow you to work smoothly, so make sure, your blade is sharp enough. Hone the tool regularly to keep it in a better working condition. A few drops of oil can also be used on the sharpening stone for better honing.

JUUMA Planes

Combination square set

A combination square set is a measuring tool which is designed to measure angles and length. This tool is a combination of one rule with three interchangeable heads- the centre head, the protractor head and the square head. The plus point is, you can avoid purchasing the centre or protractor head as they are mostly used by the engineers. The square head is perfect for the woodworkers and it will save your money too.


Woodworking is a passion for the woodworkers, whether you are doing it professionally or out of passion. Converting a raw wooden piece into a beautiful workpiece needs a lot of time, efforts and determination. But, the success of the project depends on the appropriate tools which will be the trustworthy companion of the woodworker in this journey.

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Steps to carpenter the wooden furniture yourself: Repaint, Repair and Preserve them at home

To carpenter the wooden furniture yourself is not the new task for the modern families now. When the homemade wooden furniture is used right to their purpose, their great features as well as utility may make us surprised. To manually carry out such the wooden furniture, surely you must own a router table in your home, and Bosch is a very reputable brand name for this product, please refer to Top best Bosch router table reviews to find out the Best Bosch Router Table for your families.

When the wooden furniture is old, do not throw them away, you ought to refresh them and can recreate their original features. Just repaint or repair them, they will be new again, more beautiful, and the importance is you can continue to use them. This article also introduce you the ways to repaint and repair the wooden furniture easily but effectively. Repainting and repairing the old wooden furniture is not difficult, you just need to prepare and follow the following steps:

Restore your old furniture

1. Preparation steps:

You need to determine the paint type, color and method suitable for you. The method painting by brush is most common. Because the paint spraying guns or the paint sprayers can bring you the more beautiful surface but request the big investments in equipment with the cost quite high.

Equip the necessary tools like paint spraying guns or paint brushes (you should select the good types that do not shed when sweeping), washing solvent, washcloth, lining pad beneath to avoid maculating the floor.

Make the wood surface ready: Disassemble all outer accessories like handles, braking cottars. Other parts like sunk lock, sunk latch should be covered with adhesive tape. If that surface has not been painted ever, you need to recheck the cracks, holes and filling them with putty. Use fine sandpaper to polish the surface needing painting.

2. Embark on painting:

Step 1: Primer

Firstly, you ought to paint totally the surface of the furniture needing painting with a primer layer. This primer layer needs to be painted really thinly and equally.

Step 2: Coating
After the primer layer is dry, continue to paint the coating layer. If you use the brush for painting, remember to sweep upright the wood grain, the paint will easily fill the gaps and leave less traces of brush. If the coating is still slender, you can paint one more layer.

Step 3: Finishing

Wait for the paint to dry, attach the parts in their positions and go to use. You should remember to check if the paint has been dry entirely or not because if it only dries at the surface, the paint will very easily fail when the collision occurs.
Be assured that you can certainly regain the completely new wooden furniture just by repainting them according to above methods. They are even more eye-catching than when you just newly bought. However, you must select really carefully in preparation period, or you can also consult the advices of experts on the paint types to make this task better.
Wooden furniture has become the most common ornaments recently and they can exist for many generations in your families. But, unlike the other synthetic or metal furniture, wooden ones need a certain level on maintenance. To repair any errors on your wooden furniture, it is very important to specify their reason before.
How to Paint an Old Wooden Chair

You have to maintain your wooden furniture in great status through keeping it from the smallest matter. Below are some beneficial tips for you to preserve your wooden furniture of us, to get you to ensure your wooden furniture always has the most beautiful looks.

  • Avoid all cleaner including ammonia because ammonia could break the wooden furniture down.
  • Need to usually wipe the dust on the wooden furniture with a soft, dry and clean washcloth.
  • Do not use the wooden furniture polishing compounds that have high levels of alcohol because it can make the wooden furniture structure damaged.
  • Use the lining pads between the wood furniture and glass surface to reduce the water loops.
  • Keep the wooden furniture in dining room by the tablecloth made of natural fiber materials.
  • Must not permit the moisture to be stranded between the glass and the wooden furniture surface. Make sure that the furniture surface is always in a parched state
  • Put the wooden furniture far away from the place the sunlight directly shines into. Cause the sunlight can dry out and fade gradually the wooden surface.
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The Styles that Define Your Furniture

Designing your house has been really popular right now. That’s why people use those interior designers quite often. A beautiful looking house would really please the owner’s eyes. People are not enough only living with comfort, they also need to please the eyes with beauty. Just like food nowadays, people are competing to produce the cutest looking foods ever invented. There are even people saying that we eat with our eyes first then, we would later taste it.

Decorating your house might have been quite an important task in the finishing process. Even when you are not building a new house, decorate your current house is also important. There are a couple of styles that you could choose to apply it to your house. These styles would, of course, affect on the furniture as it would be different between styles.

The Baby Steps

Whether if you are building a new house or just want to redecorate your house, your might need different steps to take. The differences are if you are building a new house, you start from zero and you could do whatever you want. On the other side, if you are redecorating, what you should do is take all the furniture that you want, leave all that you don’t want, you will see what kind of furniture styles that you really like.

Luxury Car Art Furniture

Other things that you could do is hire an interior designer, take a quiz on the internet to see what kind of style that you liked, and, of course, surf the internet for references to the furniture style.

The Styles


The main influence is from Japan and China. In this design, silk usually used quite a lot. The design involved patterns like Asian’s mythical creatures, bamboo forms, and other things related to Asian’s culture. One of the signature furniture might be the room divider.


The main influence is, of course, from Morocco. It has such a unique style to it that really strongly showing the Moroccan culture, like colorful or mosaics ceramics, unique carving’s pattern, sheer fabrics, using a lot of pillows, and special rugs.


The influences came from the countries in the north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy. It also has a bit of the Moroccan style. The main colors from this style are blue, purple, or yellow. The main characteristic are textured walls, the furniture’s are mainly heavy and bronze furnished, and mosaic tiles.

Modern design sofas furniture


The “Boho” style, the one that similar to a hippie style. Unique things from this style that it’s so crowded with colors, pattern, and layers until it created a messy look. Things that often used are woods, textile, and metallic accent.

Atlantic Seaboard

This is nautical themed furniture. The colors that people used dominantly are white, black, red, navy blue, and yellow. These are the colors from a lighthouse.


You probably see these types of the house quite often from those 90’s movies. A lot of this style’s furniture is small and pretty. This style is a colorful combination of country and garden.

Farm House

This style is quite similar to a cabin design. Meanwhile, the furniture kind of similar to the nautical style but the difference is the color. This style’s dominant colors are white and beige. In this style, people often put some plants inside.


Probably you have seen this kind of style in a lot of coffee shop. The characteristics are using a lot of steel and woods, using brick walls quite often, and also using copper-tone accents.

Arts and Crafts

The furniture in this style is like an art and craft because there are a lot of handmade touches to it, made them very unique and probably pretty rare to find.


As IKEA stores go worldwide and claimed as the biggest retailer, they also brought the Scandinavian styles along with their furniture. Of course, you could get this style of furniture from other stores. The design is clean, simple, minimalist, use quite a lot of white or gray or black, play with the accent color, and function is number one.


This style is probably for those who live in a big city. The design is using large main furniture, put it in some accent furniture and decorative, you could even add some vintage or traditional things. This style is showing off the cosmopolitan environment, a life in this era, the 21st century.

Home Furniture Design of Tre as Coffee Table

Mid-Century Modern

The era of mid-century that is in this design is the mid-1900s. The characters are minimalist so there are very little ornaments and the furniture’s shapes follow the functions.


If you can’t choose between those styles or you don’t like any particular one, then you could mix those styles. It would make your house more unique and more colorful.

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Home furniture

The Battle in Furniture-making of Modern vs Traditional Method

As the world nowadays, there are surely a lot of things that are improved especially in the technology world. The technology is really getting fancier and it could surely do a lot of things. Technology is something that people invented that supposed to make things easier. People surely go crazy about them. It develops in a lot of aspects of human’s life and it also appliesto the furniture-making world.

The traditional way in furniture-making means that people use hand tools to make the furniture. Meanwhile, the modern way in furniture-making means that people use power tools to make the furniture. The modern technology for making furniturehas come into town. A lot of buzz about it and, of course, a lot of pros and cons. Some people love them and some might just stick to the traditional way.

Making Wood Furniture

Just like every other technology in another aspect in life, there must have been something changed because of that technology. It could be a good or a bad thing. In the furniture-making aspect, the things that changed are


As a new technology are supposed to make things easier, the furniture maker would be able to explore more new models or patterns because it might be easier to do them with the modern way. But there might be also some models or patterns that might be better if you do them in the traditional way.

Production cost

To make a furniture as a hobby, of course, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on them because you have another monthly bills to pay. For those that have the furniture-making as a job, of course, you might want to also spend as little money as possible for the production to get as much profit as you can. So choosing the right method is a great way.

Production time

For people nowadays, time is everything. They want to get a lot of things done in such a short time. So the efficiency in time is a big deal and a big concern for people to choose between those methods.


As I said before, the modern way has their own tools with the new modern technology. On the other side, the traditional way also has their own special tools.

Product’s quality

The method that you use might have a little bit of impact on the final products.


Of course, each of the methods would have their own ups and downs.

The Pros and Cons

Traditional way

The Pros

  • The handmade things are often cost more so you could get more profit if you sell your furniture.
  • By using hand tools, it will allow you to produce more detailed work.
  • Hand tools don’t need power so you could save some money on the production cost.
  • You could explore more design for the furniture. Basically, you could make any models because of the hand tool’s flexibility.
  • It’s easier to find the tools.

The Cons

  • It takes a while to finish if you use hand tools.
  • It also needs a lot of energy, it’s a hard work.
  • For some people, they might need to practice hard to use the hand tools.

Modern way

The Pros

  • Since you use a power tool, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy to do things.
  • It also makes everything easier, no need to spend a lot of energy to do the tasks.
  • The power tools also make the process of making the furniture faster.
  • If you could do the making process faster, you would be able to produce more products, fill in more customer’s orders.
  • After that, you could get more incomes, your business would go big.

The Cons

  • You would have to spend more money on the production cost for the electricity uses.
  • The model that you could do might not be as much as when you use the hand tools because the power tools have some limit, like certain curves that they can’t reach.
  • For some people, they might need an adjustment to be able to operate the tools perfectly. It needs a lot of practice.
  • The power tools are often very expensive.

furnitures for home

In terms of product quality, you can’t say which method would produce a better quality product because it depends on the maker itself that made them. The handmade furniture also doesn’t always cost more expensive as the furniture that made with a machine. It would really depend on the design, details, and quality.

The best way to do is to combine these both methods. They both have pros and cons. By combining both methods, you could maximize your furniture-making. There isn’t a better method, it really just depends on the maker’s personal preferences.

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painting the home

Instruction for simply self-painting your house

The home walls after a period of use often appear many stains because of time, dirt and other external impacts. Especially, after each rainy season, those walls are often moldy and absorbing. At the end of the year or the beginning of the dry season we usually renovate and repaint the walls to make the living space become fresher and cleaner. This article will guide you how to paint a wall simply so that you can do it yourself at home. Let’s read the best paint sprayer 2016 reviews to choose a best paint sprayer to start this house painting right now.

1. Clean the wall surface

If it is a new house, use sandpaper or abrasive stone to cleanly scrub the wall surface, sweep out all the dirt. And if your house is old, you have to scrape all the old paint, and then cleanly wipe the surface.
Sanitary work includes: prepare the site, shield the indoor objects, move the objects out of the painted area. Splattering in painting application is unavoidable; should have cover measures for the floor to avoid clinging paint, people often spread the tarpaulins or thin sand layers on the floor. The sanitary process will accompany with the process lastly inspecting errors of the wall.

2. Handle waterproofing, moisture-proofing and errors of the walls thoroughly

All errors need to be handled before painting; once the wall has been already painted but those errors haven’t been thoroughly handled, the paint can be quickly broken and make the house bad.

You should handle moisture-proofing with dedicated anti-alkali primer, anti-osmosis paint.

For waterproofing, determine the cause of seepage and thoroughly treat it. This is the cause of the paint bug fastest. This step may be done before cleaning.

Do patchwork for gaps or cracks on the wall (if any).
Remember that the better the surface is treated, the more durable and beautiful the paint is.

3. Plastering

Putty plastering has an impact on smoothing the surface, help the coating to be beautiful.
Plastering reduces the painting cost, when the surface area is flat (because the putty is smaller than sand), the amount of paint used for lining or coating is less. The price of paint is more expensive than putty from 3-5 times on the same construction area. You can plaster 1 or 2 layers. Usually we think wall plastering will make the paint peel or blister, however, with today painting technology, the good paint has overcome this.

4. Primers

It affects to prevent the coating from direct impacts on the wall (moisture, chemicals, …) that leads to damage. There are one normal type of primer and one typical type which can against alkaline, anti osmosis, anti intrusion. Should paint from 1-2 layers to create adhesion and fastness.

5. Topcoat

As the last step, it is effective to protect and decorate. You also need to coat from 1-2 colorings. These above steps standard will make the furniture durable and beautiful.

During the process of painting, you must notice the followings to ensure the quality:

Check the environmental conditions

  • Depending on the type of paint, it will have different technical criteria, but most common conditions are:
  • Ambient temperature < 50
  • The surface temperature < 80
  • Humidity < 80
  • Do not paint in the conditions: rain, strong winds, and dirty air.

Inspection of labor safety

  • You need prepare the pants, the shirts, the shoes, the hats, the glasses which make the paint not fired at your eyes influencing your health, and the masks to against dust.
  • About scaffolding, you must be careful when constructing in high positions because it is very easy to occur unfortunate accident.
  • About lighting system, in order to see coating surface more clearly, usually using neon light to check is the best.

Check the quality of the paint

  • Choose correctly the name, type and color.
  • Please read the technical characteristics of the paint carefully.


Check the surface before painting
  • Clean the surface that will be painted.
  • Prepare the paint tools.
  • Check the moisture: wall <6%, wood <8% (this value will vary depending on the types of paint).
  • Paint after cleaning within less than 6 hours.


Check paint mixing


  • Species
  • Solvents
  • Mixing ratio
  • Mixing Machine
  • The ratio between the components

Conduct painting


  • Check the patterns and colors.
  • Check the level of using paint.
  • Fix the unsatisfactory bugs.
  • Make sure the paint drying time (depending on types of paint).

Check the finished surface

  • Check the pattern colors.
  • Check the thickness of paint.
  • Fix the holes


The self-painting at home has the advantage of giving you the exciting experiences. But if you lack the painting skills, the quality of paint is not high and the aesthetics is bad. Self-paint at home also easily causes accident or respiratory illness because of the characteristics of each type of paint and the way you protect your body. Sometimes it is budget-wasting if you do not know to estimate the painting raw materials leading to excess.
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The Right Flooring For Your New House

2015 is almost over. People said that a new year means a new you. That’s why a lot of people make their new year’s resolution to be a better person for the next year. But, a new year isn’t only about a new you, this is a perfect time to decorate your new house if you are going to have a new one, or re-decorate your house that you have now.

For those who are about to having their new house, it could be tiring because you have a lot to do. Take a breath, because once it all done you will have your dream house. A house that would make you feel comfortable and please your eyes. To make one of your task about searching for the right floor, here I will give you the guidelines.

Cork bathroom flooring

The first one is cork flooring. This is made from a tree but won’t be damaging the tree itself that’s why this is the newest environmental friendly materials for your floor. You could stain them, paint them, or just leave the natural color.

Cork flooring has great flexibility and great design so it will give you sturdiness and comfort. To clean it, you have to sweep and vacuum them regularly, and once a month you should clean them with detergent or a mild soap. Take a note that this floor doesn’t take water very well.

The second one is hardwood flooring. People have been using this floor for a long time. Besides buying them, you could also make them yourself as one of your woodworking projects but at least you have to have a wood router. There are a lot of trees that you could use.

While using a hardwood flooring, your floor would look more beautiful and it will increase your house’s value although this floor is a bit expensive. Just like the cork flooring, this flooring couldn’t take water very well so you have to immediately wipe them off, and small scratches would definitely tear the finishing.

The third one is laminate flooring. You could say that this is the disguise flooring because you could get the look of another flooring type with cheaper price. This flooring has its strength, flexibility, and not easy to fade or get a stain. Basically, there are laminate hardwood, laminate ceramic, and laminate tile.

This flooring is also the easiest to maintain and the easiest to clean up. Laminate flooring is designed to be resistant for scratch, burn, dent, and stain. But remember to always wipe off any water on it. To clean them up, you could use a vacuum or a mop.

The fourth one is bamboo flooring. This is also one of the most environmentally friendly floorings because it could grow faster than a tree. One of the main points of a bamboo is its strengthso it could last very long. Bamboo flooring is also resistant to an insect.

Sustainable flooring

Bamboo flooring also doesn’t get along with water very well so immediately wipe off any water on it. You could sweep and vacuum them to clean it, but while cleaning them always use dry and smooth surfaces.

The fifth one is ceramic flooring. This is also one of most known and most common people use for their house. It has a wide range in terms of color and shape so you could even create a new pattern. This flooring is very durable to mainly anything, long last, and water-resistant, which make it very easy to maintain.

Some people love ceramic flooring because it’s very easy to clean up, just sweep the surface, it will clean up all the dirt on it. Because of all the benefits that this flooring has, it will add more value to the house and of course, it will please your eyes.

As an addition to those floorings, there are carpet and rugs. Both of them would become the finishing touches and the floor would look more beautiful. The floor is such an important part of your house. Choosing the right floor has to be based on what is your house’s design, what is the room because some has a high traffic of people moving around and some has high possibility of water spilled on the floor, which one is the easiest to maintain and clean up if you are such a busy person, and of course, based on your budget.

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Vintage Furniture As An Alternative

A furniture is such an important thing in your house, if you don’t have any, then you won’t be able to do a lot of things. Buying furniture might be one of the tasks in building a new house that take the longest time, in terms of the finishing stage. While you buy furniture, there are a lot of things to think about. You have to consider the size of it, the design, and the price.

You have to buy a furniture that in the right size for your room, or it won’t fit or would be very hard to bring it into the room. Looking for the right furniture with the design that you wanted might be the hardest part since there are a lot of stores that you could buy furniture that has a wide choice of designs.The price is also an important part because you have to buy the one that you could afford.

distressed antiques by Vintage Chic Furniture

There are several types of furniture’s styles that you could buy, such as Victorian, Minimalist, Pennsylvania Dutch, etc. Between those choices of furniture, there is one type of furniture as your alternative while you are on a mission on buying furniture. It’s the vintage furniture.

Vintage furniture means that the items are too old to be considered “used” but not like super old. It usually has mid-century model style and it could be about bygone pop culture, junk food, or fashion trend. The main point of thisfurniture is it has a unique design and each design often has only one item.

There are several reasons why you should buy vintage furniture instead:

It would be very rare that other people have the same furniture like you

Vintage furniture is often made by hand, that’s why it’s unique and rare. Of course, it will make you are the only owner of that unique furniture. When you have guests coming over to your house, they would probably ask about your furniture because they have never seen it before and the designs are basically different from what you can buy at the store.

Usually, it’s more environmentally friendly

To increase the furniture’s beauty and uniqueness, the creator often looks for something unusual to be made into a furniture. Vintage furniture is often made with used things or recycled things, such as a tire, package from a soap, etc. This is what made them far way environmentally friendly rather than the new furniture.

What it means by flexibility is the flexibility of a vintage furniture to any trend. It doesn’t matter what trend is on now, vintage furniture would always fit in and will always look good and stand out among other furniture. That’s because it has some sorts of their own style.

Vintage furniture and decorative accessories for homes

It has a history

Since it has been for quite a long time, it contains a history from another era.

Add more value

The rareness and beauty of these furnitures add more value to the house. When you are bored with them, you could sell them and the prices will increase as time goes by so that would be a good investment.

Besides all the advantages, there will be some disadvantages that could happen if you choose to look for vintage furniture. The price would be quite expensive because of its uniqueness. Sometimes it would be hard to find it too because of its rareness so it takes time. If you want to buy several of them, it’s hard to find because they usually only made one for each design. But, at the end, after you have found the right furniture, it will worth the search.

After you decided to buy vintage furniture’s, there are several tips that you should know.

  • Patiently search

As vintage furniture is not as commercial as the other furniture, so it will quite hard to find the right furniture. When you have found the store that sells vintage furniture, you have to visit them frequently, in case there is new furniture that you like better than the other design. Go to several places are also a way to buy them.

  • High quality at its best

Vintage furniture might be a secondhand which contains some history in it or it could be a new one but made with recycled things as it has a high possibility of imperfect things. That’s why you have to search for the best quality furniture and always check the furniture’s function, make sure it still works perfectly.

  • Imperfection is perfection

Although you have to find the best quality, look for a furniture that still functioning perfectly. No doubt, there could be some scratches on some furniture, but don’t let it makes you afraid from buying them. It shows that it has history and more of an authenticity.

  • Not often used furniture

If the furniture has been used many years, the quality must have been not as maximal as the furniture that haven’t been used for quite a long time.

  • Bargain could work sometimes

You could do bargain to get the furniture you wanted, but its based on where you shop and the furniture’s quality itself.

Vintage furniture

Although there are a lot of furniture out there, I do value vintage furniture as it has a lot of uniqueness. But when you choose to buy them instead, there would be some difficulty that you will have to tackle. If you look for something’s very unique, it will worth the effort, time, and money.

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The benefits and disadvantages of using wood in construction

Employing several materials, like stone, concrete, wood, cement, soil, etc. in the construction industry is not new. People have always preferred to experiment with these materials while building any structure, but the long durability of the historic wooden building was always a mystery that attracts the builders or constructors towards this material since ages.

Wood is an organic and hygroscopic materials and for its different beneficîal attributes that other materials lack, wood is the first and foremost choice among the builders. Not only the advantages, using wood in the construction work have some drawbacks too. Let’s have a look on them for further understanding.

wood frame construction

Benefits of using wood

Thermal properties

Different materials react differently towards heat, but mostly the materials change their volumes and size when the temperature increase. Materials like steel, iron, etc. expand when the temperature rise. Though steel is safe against fire, but when used as a structure of a building it’s not safe because the expansion lowers the strength of the material. As a result, it expands and collapse when used in building.

On the other hand, wood never expands when the temperature increases, apparently it becomes stronger as it dries out. The thermal conductivity of the wood is also very low, this is the reason that wood is used in making matches, wall covering, handles of hardware tools, etc.

Electricity resistance

Wood is an wonderful electrical insulator. Compared to other materials like iron, steel, etc., the wood is completely safe. Electricity easily passes through these materials, but not through the wood when it is completely dry. Static electricity, which is a threat for the human body is not present in wood, that’s why, experts believe, the wood is the safest option for any construction work.

Sound absorption quality

Have you ever wondered, why all the music halls have wooden walls or ceiling? Exactly, wood has superb sound absorption quality. Absorbing sound, wood prevents echo and pollution. Like the metals, sound velocity is also faster in the woods rather than liquids and gasses. Wood even has the lowest rate of sound energy loss than other materials, this is the reason that wood is widely used musical instruments.

Aesthetic value

The aesthetic value of the wood is also undeniable. Each tree has different texture, color and smell. The design of the woods depends on the way it is sliced. It can also be painted with a dark color varnish to increase the aesthetic value of the structure. Moreover, wooden wall coverings add extraordinary elegance to the room where it has been placed. Wood had its own flavor, therefore, it can be used in its raw form also.


Compared to other materials, woods are cheaper. Timber frames are more cost effective in comparison with the iron or metal frame, when we are referring to the construction industry.

Easy to repair

Repairing and maintaining wood is easier, compared to other materials. Even it is cost effective  too. A little touch can surprisingly alter a dull looking house into a vibrant one with the least effort.

Timber frame construction

Disadvantages of using wood

Using woods in the construction has great potential and possibilities, but it has some drawbacks too. Though these are minor issues in comparison to the positivity of using woods. Still, let’s check them also, for a better understanding of its uses.

Shrinkage and swelling

For the hygroscopic nature, woods easily absorb condensed vapours from its surroundings and similarly, release moisture beyond fiber saturation level. Absorption of the moisture causes swelling and releases of moisture is responsible for the shrinkage.

Decay of wood

Another threatening issue of using wood is decay. Like any other organic material, wood is also a nutritional product for some insects. They tend to drill the surface of the wooden structure, get inside and make a line and cause decay of the wood. Generally, there are two agents of decay- biological and non biological agents.

Biological agents

Biological agents are those, who consider woods as their nutritional product, for example, bacteria, insects and mold fungi. The fungi and the insects are well capable of ruining the whole texture of the wood and at last, decay is the ultimate result.

Non-biological agents

Non-biological agents include sun, water, fire, a few chemicals, etc. Wood easily catches fire, which is really dangerous when you have a structure, made out of wood. Even the direct exposure to the sun is also not suitable for the woods as it may lose its shine and original color too. Avoid the contact with the water for longer durability.

wood used in construction


Though there are some disadvantages, but comparing the benefits, they are negligible. Another way to avoid these drawbacks are, while choosing wood for any construction, make sure the woods are properly dried and has no previously damaged mark. The coating is another way of preventing the attack of the fungi and insects. Therefore, employ the best quality woods and enjoy the beauty of it.

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Everything you need to know about the cement mixer

Walking through a construction site will lead us to get acquainted with various tools and equipments used in the construction work, but certainly which draw our attention more, is a large barrel mounted on a truck rotating constantly with a roaring sound. This gigantic barrel is well known as a cement or concrete mixer, though it is far more capable of blending various ingredients such as sand, lime, cement, concrete and different aggregates. Nowadays, it’s an inseparable part of any construction work where you need to mix up different ingredients together.

Cement mixer

A cement mixer generally features a rotating barrel, a motor for revolving the barrel, a handle to move the barrel or dump the content while the mixture is ready to pour. It can be either mobile or stationary, but surprisingly the interiors of both the types are basic. The cement mixers are generally derived in different sizes and shapes. While the comparatively small and portable ones are more user friendlier than its gigantic industrial counterparts.

mobile concrete mixer

Why do you need a cement mixer?

Why do you need a cement mixer when you have so many labours working on the site? Can’t they do the job? Yes, surely they can, but it will be more tiring and time consuming too. Mixing cement and other ingredients manually demand a lot of strain on one’s body and the mixing may not be evenly done, but using the cement mixer will reduce the physical labour as well as mix the ingredients properly. Moreover, in the larger scale of construction work, manual mixing will slower the production rate too, which will not be economically profitable.

Things to consider before buying a cement mixer

 The Barrel and the Frame

A cement mixer has to be strong enough, as it needs to deal with heavy forces while mixing cement, concrete, sand, etc. altogether. A proper blending of such ingredients demands excessive forces and to endure the power, the barrel has to be strong enough. As a result, generally, reinforced steel is being used for the barrel and so for the frame. The steel itself is tough enough to endure the extra weight of concrete with ease. Therefore, resist yourself from buying the product that compromises with the quality of the material, otherwise, you may end up visiting the store again within a few years.

Drum size

Another important feature, while buying a cement mixer, is considering the drum size. They are usually measured in either cubic feet or in a litre. The most common sizes are 113 litres, 170 litres and 255 litres. But the drums are not capable of holding the exact amount of the mixture as it mentioned here. As only two-thirds of the drum can be filled, or else the ingredients will spit out while mixing.


The cement mixers attach to a trailer and strong wheels are used to give it a company. As the mixer needs to push everywhere, the wheels are needed to be large and thick enough to drag along the bumpy and muddy road. With less strong wheels, the movement of the mixer will be really difficult. The axles are equally important as the wheel. While heading to buy a cement mixer, never compromise with the quality of the wheels and the axles.

Concrete Mixer

Stationary vs. Portable cement mixers

Portable cement mixers

These cement mixers are lighter and smaller compared to the stationary base cement mixer. Working on the extended area like the footpath, a portable cement mixer is wonderful. For the easy portability, pouring the cement on the footpath gets easier. Some mixers are so easy to transfer that they are known as mobile cement mixers. People tend to buy the portable cement mixers more, in comparison with the stationary base cement mixer.

Stationary cement mixers

Stationary cement mixers are usually appointed for working on a larger platform. Generally, larger scale of construction works, appoint stationary base cement mixer where larger quantities of cement or concrete are needed to be poured out. Generally, the gigantic stationary base cement mixers are fed by the machines instead of putting the ingredients manually and compared to the mobile cement mixer, these mixers are more expensive and difficult to handle.


Cement mixers are one of the best tools that are widely used in the construction industry, which not only reduce the work load, but ensure the best output by increasing the production rate. A large variety of cement mixers are available in the market and according to the working capacity, the ranges also vary too. Undoubtedly, more powerful cement mixers are among the expensive ones. Some people even prefer to rent them instead of buying one. Depending on the necessity and expenditure, one should buy or rent the tool without compromising with the quality.

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